Free 72-hr code for ArcheAge Unchained extended to 10 Dec 2020

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    Gamigo, publisher of ArcheAge/ArcheAge Unchained for North America and Europe, have extended the 'free trial period' for the 'Unchained' version of the game with the voucher code FALLTRIAL, which can be redeemed here before 2 PM UTC 10 Dec 2020.

    To participate in the trial, you will also need to install (or update) ArcheAge: Unchained through the Glyph launcher. You can continue your journey on your character at any time after the free trial period by purchasing a copy of ArcheAge: Unchained before the end of the trial.*

    You can also try the original (aka Legacy) version of Archeage for free anytime, here (requires download).

    Note: If you participated in previous free trials of ArcheAge Unchained, or you have existing accounts, you will need to use a different email account for this. Also note that labor regeneration on free trial accounts is disabled unless/until you buy the game. More info about the current free trial T&C here.

    What is ArcheAge like?
    ArcheAge is a fantasy 'sandpark' MMO with great visuals, fast-paced land-based and naval pve and pvp combat, plus crafting, farming, non-instanced house ownership, flight and more. It comes in two flavours:
    • Original (Legacy) 'ArcheAge' - F2P with optional subscription and cash shop; launched in North America & Europe in 2014.
    • Unchained known as 'Archeage: Unchained' or AA:U' - B2P, with a 'no P2W' monetisation model; launched in North America & Europe in 2019.
    The Older Gamers have guilds in both versions of ArcheAge - see here for more info, which servers we're on, and more. Our discord channels are in the MMO section of TOG's Discord server. Drop in and say hi if you decide to take ArcheAge for a spin :-D

    Note on account and character limits:
    Multiple accounts are permitted in Archeage Unchained (up to 3 per player) with a maximum of 3 concurrent logins per IP address and one per PC. Eg, if you buy two accounts personally, you will need to use two separate email addresses and have 2 PCs/laptops if you want to log them in at the same time. 'Freshstart' Unchained servers Stena and Crazzian are limited to one character per account, while legacy ArcheAge comes with two character slots, expandable up to 6 and unlimited concurrent logins.

    Official AAU website

    * includes details of game access pack pricing.

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