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    Anyone interested in playing on a TOG server please see the members area for information about this game .... for an early access game it is rather fleshed out with PvP and PvE elements as well as building component's ... the ability to create your own Blueprints in creative mode/single player and use them in multiplayer ...... plenty of aliens to fight and alien bases to raid ... as well as other players to kill and raid ..... with a 2 day offline protection system and the ability to extend that through game mechanics so your base is protected from all forms of attack for minimum of 2 days real time with a Offline protection module your base is protected for as long as it has power ..... the server has 2 starting planets 1 easy , 1 medium to choose from Akua is the easy 1 and Omicron is the medium 1 both these planets are set to PvE only ..... The game has an interesting Faction system where being a member of a faction doesn't mean the rest of the faction has access to you base / vehicles as if you place the block you control the access level for the rest of the faction the 3 setting being Private / Faction / Public ....

    So I could ramble on about this game but I wont anymore than I have so feel free to join us if enough new players join we will restart the map with a new random system seed so everyone starts off on an even playing field lol

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    Heads up - Empyrion is 50% off on the Steam store at the moment!

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