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Discussion in 'Contact TOG' started by BannerWolf, Dec 18, 2018.

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    Hello, my name is BannerWolf and I represent the Star Citizen org the UEE Medical Core. We would like to introduce our selves to you and your org and enter friendly negotiations for the future of medical gameplay. I am not sure what platform you prefer to use but I can be found on discord fairly regularly. BannerWolf#0477 I look forward to hearing your response.
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    Hi @BannerWolf and welcome to the TOG Public arena.

    We do have a Star Citizen division, however you may not be able to see this as it is in the members area only.

    You are more than welcome to apply for the TOG membership should you wish as you meet our minimum age requirement (25+)
    The link to the membership area can be found here The Barracks if you are interested.

    alternatively @2_islands may be able to assist you with this one :)

    Thanks for dropping by and introducing yourself.

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