Destiny - The Best FPS?

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    Bungie received a lot of mixed reviews when this game was released.

    So when it came to making the decision it came down to my gut instinct.

    When Halo was released for the Xbox, Bungie raised the bar really high.

    I have played a lot of FPSs across a lot of different platforms. Castle Wolfenstien, Doom, Battlefield 1942, 2142 (that was a joke), 3,4, Half Life, TFC, Counter Strike, Call of Duty 1 through 4, Unreal Tournament., Deus X, and many others..and what I noticed is where the $500M went into the development in this game.

    I purchased this game because I wanted something that was well coded and the belief that Bungie are the masters of extracting the most out of console hardware. And in that respect I am extremely satisfied that my gut instinct didn't let me down. Bungie delivered.

    For a console FPS, Destiny is an amazing game. I spend a lot of time in the Crucible playing PvP...and the graphics are brilliant with smooth panning and solid frames per second. Of all the FPSs that I have played across many platforms, this one stands out for me.

    Some can argue that the campaign is weak, but to be honest...I haven't finished the campaign yet. But I can see where those arguments stem from.
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