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    Destiny Division


    Points of Contact

    Division Captain:
    Greyflame AKA Grey [ B.Net Grey#11764 | Bungie ]
    1. Introduction

    "Don’t you have more important things to do, Guardian?" - Commander Zavala

    First of all, welcome to the Destiny Division! Come and join us, whether for months or years, as we attempt to defy extinction in our fight to save the last city on earth... and the puppies.

    The Older Gamers (TOG is a diverse gaming community that aims to bring adults together to celebrate gaming and provide a gaming experience that is fun, enjoyable and acceptable for adult participation. We are passionate about gaming. TOG community members uphold the spirit of decency, fair play, cooperation and respect for others.

    TOG members often have limited time in their busy adult lives balancing work, family, health, children and other hobbies. We need to destress, relax, enjoy our hobby and chat whilst remaining within the comfort of our own homes. We come together to free ourselves from the daily grind and let our minds wander into a vast array of game worlds; fly space ships, wield magic and swords, fly planes, drive cars, save the world or become a pirate. Some players are laid back looking to chill. Others are more competitive as they thrive in hard core raids or PvP environments. If the developers and game mechanic support it, we’re all for it.

    2. How do I join?

    "Ok, listen up. Uhm, you're a bunch of dirty misfits. But you're all that's left, so you'll have to do." - Cayde-6

    The Older Gamers currently only has an official PC clan and joining is as easy as following the below.

    Step 1 - First things first! You've got to be a member of TOG. If you're not already a member of TOG then head on over to The Barracks and check out this post.

    Step 2 - So you're now a member of TOG and want to join us in Destiny? Easy, go to our Destiny 2 Division and follow the instructions to make a post in the invitation thread.

    Step 3 - Join and link your Steam, or PSN \ XBOX Live account.

    Step 4 - Request to join us in one of the lnks in the the invitation thread.
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