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    Keep the membership rolling in. The bigger the player base you have the more fun the activities will be. Destiny has always been a Multi player experience. Yes you can go all lone wolf but you will find some content like Strikes (3 man), Raids (6 man) requires more than one person and let's face it, online gaming is fun in numbers.

    Destiny has always been designed around community and community participation.

    It would appear Bungie have not activated the Battlenet link as yet for the PC Group as it doesn't release for another month but once they do we will get the Clan Tag issue resolved asap.

    In the meantime a few members have requested a Discord Channel be set up so in game planning, discussion and coordination can take place. This is a great idea and have agreed to it's creation. Not that I would have opposed it. All for the members helping each other out. Details to be posted shortly.

    The XBOX and PSN Clans are slowly growing as more people take an interest in the game as more details get leaked.

    If interested there are several good sources of information locations on the net. eg.


    My name is Byf produces lore and general game play content
    FireteamChat produces general in game content
    The Guardians of Destiny produces general in game content

    To name but a few.

    I myself listen to their weekly podcasts each week to keep updated with changes to the game, advice on weapons, lore, armour and general in game information. They have always been a good source of information.

    Obviously keeping an eye on is also a must.

    I look forward to seeing the Division grow and for you all to enjoy the content of this game. I hope that it matches your expectation.

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