DayZ Beta showcased at Gamescon

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    The upcoming DayZ beta has been showcased at Gamescon. This video is an interview with Eugen Harton who is the Lead Producer for DayZ at Bohemia Interactive.

    Things to note:
    • The beta will run on the new Enfusion engine. This is a total rewrite.
    • There is a new player controller and associated UI
    • The melee combat has been revamped.
    • The AI have been revamped - Zombies and animals
    • Eugene mentioned 2 months roughly to the beta being released to the community - more than likely on the experimental servers - (15:55 in video)
    • The beta will be released with base building included - this is a totally new feature.
    • Other Features - eating while moving, injuries effect movement, new stamina bar (gone are the days of endless kilometres of sprinting)
    Its been almost 4 years (December 2013) since the release of the DayZ SA Alpha, but it looks like there might be light in the tunnel. Time will tell.

    Please note there is some German translations in this video but the rest in English.

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