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Discussion in 'Shooter Games: The Range' started by GrannyG, Aug 31, 2015.

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    First a question about definitions. Do I have this right? Campaign is single player pve, Co-Op is 2-4 man squads against the ai (pve again) and Multiplayer is a larger map with 6 or more players against an equal number of other players (full pvp).

    Second; just how popular is co-op? Which do u prefer?
    Thank you for taking a second to offer your opinion! I've spent most of my gaming in mmo's. :w
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    May depend on the game but your definitions are a little out.

    Campaign is typically a story mode where you progress through chapters/sequences set by the developer. It can be multiplayer (see Borderlands) or Singleplayer.

    Co-op is short for cooperative, typically where teams of people play against the AI, just about every MMO could be considered co-op on that basis if you exclude PVP. There is no limit on the number of players by definition but technical limitations of the game may restrict group sizes. (Raiding and dungeons in WOW are all co-op but have different group limits)

    Multiplayer is exactly that, multiple people playing the same game at the same time, this can be co-op or PVP.

    I like co-op myself as the computer doesn't complain when I get a 10-0 killstreak.

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