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    I'm just working together a quick rundown on the layout of the master room for new members or those (like me) who forget where things are and need a reminder ;)

    first up, for those not familiar with how to enter the dojo

    The key is required to host and join the Clan Dojo. The Key has unlimited uses. You do not need to craft a new key every time you visit the dojo

    Once your key is crafted, you then select the keys tab from the solar system window and it's the 3rd icon from the top right.

    You then select your clan key and click the use button.
    Then you click the PLAY NOW button that's at the top middle of the screen.

    You should be in the main hall of the clan dojo :)

    from the spawn point looking left

    dojo left.jpg

    from the spawn point looking right

    dojo right.jpg

    and an overall layout of the main room.

    dojo master room.jpg

    There are other parts of the dojo that contain rooms for a variety of active and non-active uses but Blackice would need to go into more details on that as I found it to be a bit confusing and he did a lot (if not all) of the work on the dojo design with a lot of other TOG pitching in with resources and stuff :)

    The research rooms have a variety of research options for warframes, components, weapons and other fancy stuff.
    The note I made for each room on the map image is what faction of enemy the tech is based on. The tenno research room being a variety of items that don't have ties to a particular enemy (I think??).

    hope this quick rundown helps ;)
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    I can't recall which is which, but Terminal A and B, are a Treasury, and a Trade hub.
    The treasury allows any member to donate credits directly to the Clan, or to the Alliance.
    Note that I have never used this for anything. The normal method is the Clan leader or Architect to start construction on a new room or decoration. At this point a member can walk up to the Pending room, activate it, and donate resources and credits to the room. When all the resources are donated, the room will start to be built.

    The other terminal is much more important. It is the Trading terminal. Up to 4 people can use it at once, and it allows you to trade items, materials, or plat between clan members. (I believe you can also invite non-members into our dojo to trade, but this was not working when I last played).

    The rest of the dojo is mainly just support functions.
    There are a few rooms worth a visit.
    There is the Dueling Room. This allows you to have some friendly pvp matches against other clan members.
    There is the Obstacle course, where one person at a time can practice their parkour skills. (its harder then it looks). Unfortunately it does not record times, so grab a screenshot and put up your brag post here :)
    Lastly there is an Observation room. It doesn't do anything, but it is a really cool view :)
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    Looking for key mats now, this will be built first.

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