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    Just a reminder. Any old BDO players could I ask (if possible time/data) for you to start up the game and see if you are still in the TOG guild. We are going to loose a lot of old accounts from the guild from other players who will not bother with the transfer. The BDO guild will suffer due to this loss in numbers from the guild missions we won't be able to do. Anyone who needs an invite my Ingame family name is Kharn. .....Also who knows you may love the changes they have made to the game and like to stay.

    Starting February 24th 2021, Black Desert Online in the European and North American regions will be serviced by Pearl Abyss. To retain access to your account and its progression, you have to transfer it to a new platform through the following web page. For those who had accounts but are not playing BDO, could you please do the transfer for 2 reasons, if you are still in the TOG guild you will continue to be a member in the guild, and of course you never know you may want to come back and join us one day. (The Best MMORPG | Black Desert Online)
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    NVM I don't remember if I was in TOG in BDO since I haven't played in about 3-4 years. So I did the transfer anyways just in case
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