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    When Shanksi was playing COD and COD UO many years ago, people would ask in chat whether that what we were participating in was trivialising war. I found this an interesting question. Were we, when trying to outwit the opposing players, denigrating the actions of those that had the unfortunate luck of being born just over 100 years before us. I don't think so. It is a reminder. Shanksi believes that experience, be it in books, films and now gaming, can aid us in understanding what our ancestors experienced. I have been playing BF1 a lot recently and it guided my next read (which I recommend V. highly):

    24 HRS AT THE SOMME 1 JULY 1916

    First hand accounts from both sides create a picture of impending slaughter. No other war has seen so much death.

    Let us not forget.

    Please suggest others...

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