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    Backed the turn-based BattleTech project under by Harebrained Schemes (who also developed and adapted the excellent Shadowrun games for PC in the last couple of years). The CBT for (the expensive) backers was released the beginning of June. I played the TT Battletech at university, and have enjoyed almost every iteration of the PC games through MechWarrior Online (which I still enjoy quite a bit).

    Regardless, I had not seen any postings about from any TOG members having bought in, or with interest. But I can say the game is in good hands and is enjoyable, even in such an early state of single-player skirmish-mode vs the AI. PvP is incoming, as well as a Mercenary PvE campaign. Though still a bit rough, and work to be done, it seems quite promising. I believe anyone can still buy-in to the beta here: BATTLETECH - Tactical 'Mech Combat Returns to the PC.

    Here is a shot from an early battle (all are 4v4...typical lance size). There are various streams to be seen on YouTube as well (no NDA).

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