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    [h=3]Cameron Wilkie from CIG will also be attending this Bar Citizen event.[/h][FONT=&quot]A social gathering for backers of Star Citizen's Australian Community.
    The Bar Citizen will be divided into 2 parts, the first will be at the Aurora Hotel in the Kippex lounge, where we will meet/chat/drink and eat a variety of light snacks, collect some entry swag and draw the lucky door prizes. Light snacks and lucky door prizes are included in the ticket price. Drinks will be available from the hotel bar at standard bar prices. Meals will be available from the kitchen between 5:00pm-9:30pm if you want something a bit more substantial.
    A ticket will get you:[/FONT]

    • Entry into the event (incl finger food)
    • Disposable Big Benny Tattoo
    • Entry into our door prize giveaway
    • Entry into our ship giveaway held during the event.
    [FONT=&quot]The second part is completely optional (and does not require a ticket). We may head to another bar (potentially Spawn Point) for some kick on drinks with those who remain.
    If you have questions or queries please let us know by contacting the organisers

    Purchase ticket from

    Currntly listed ship giveaways, Aurora CL and 85X
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    Thanks for the heads-up! :) This has been shared as well on the internal forums.

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