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    Paid server transfers and name changes are available again for both ArcheAge players on legacy [f2p] and ArcheAge Unchained servers. Cost per character:
    • Name Change: 1,400 Credits
    • Server transfer 2,700 Credits
    To purchase either of these services, click the link to go to your account page and login:
    Important! Before buying, check the requirements:

    Name changes
    • Names must be 4 - 26 characters and be available on your server. Names can't be reserved.
    • Changing your name locks your old name so no-one ( including you) can re-use it on the same server.
    • A character can only be transferred or change its name once every 30 days (shared cooldown).
    • No refunds or do-overs! Choose wisely.
    • You can't transfer to a server where your faction is already dominant (as per the exlie system).
    • You can only transfer to the same faction (other than by exiling), region and server type. eg, Nuian characters on a NA legacy [f2p] server can't transfer to Haranya/Pirate factions or to a EU, Freshstart, SEA or Unchained server.
    • You can't login or play on the account while a transfer is in progress (up to 30 minutes).
    • Purchasing ArcheAge Packs, Patron items, and APEX or redeeming an ArcheAge code on the Glyph Store while a transfer is in progress may cause the transfer to fail. Wait until it is complete (up to 30 minutes).
    • A character can only be transferred or change its name once every 30 days.
    • Only the items equipped to your character, in their inventory, and in their warehouse transfer. Storage chests / contents are not transferred and in any case, you cannot transfer with property. Farmhands must be unbound and Vigor Points are reset, but keep their levels and gear.
    • You can't transfer with certain actions in progress or some server-specific items in your bag (see below or check FAQ).
    • No refunds or do-overs! Choose wisely, and prepare carefully.
    1. Account must not be currently banned
    2. Account must have an empty character slot in the target server
    3. Account must not be logged in and must remain offline until the server transfer is complete
    4. No purchases or redemptions on the Glyph store until the server transfer is complete
    1. Is at least Level 10
    2. Is not queued for deletion
    3. Is not currently a faction Hero or raising a dragon
    4. Has no guild* or family
    5. Has not already transferred or changed its name within the past 30 days
    6. Has no unclaimed mail in the marketplace or in-game
    7. Has no active Auction House bids or sale listings
    8. Has no active Crafting requests
    9. Has no property including unbuilt constructions and drydocks
    10. Has no server specific items such as Guild XP items, Siege Scrolls and Faction Change items. Arena reward items will be deleted.
    11. Has all items to be transferred in their warehouse, inventory or equipment slots.

    * Guild prestige is lost when you leave your guild, so make sure you spend it all first. Suggestions:
    • If you don't already have a Guild Cloak, get that first (150 prestige).
    • If you want to help your guild, before you leave (unless it's a pvp guild) we suggest buying (and using) peace treaties to boost the guild's protected time. Alternatively you can purchase Misagon's Shards, a crafting material which you can sell.
    Official announcement here: (Transfers and Name Changes Return!)

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