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    Gamigo has released some teasers and an FAQ for the next update, scheduled for 13 August 2020.

    This update focuses on 'end game' gear and content:
    • New cross-server dungeon instance - the Ipnysh Sanctuary. Very little info is available about this so far, but the entrance will be located on Aegis Island, accessible by completing the main story questline of the Garden of the Gods expansion.
    • New gear - Immortal Warden’s Armor - TBC but this seems to be dungeon gear equivalent to Exalted Hiram gear that will drop in the Ipnysh Sanctuary.
    • T4 lunagems and T6 Lunacharms
    • Revamped Mistsong Banquet ('Season 2'),
    • New God's Authority Skills, granting skills to the heroes or buffs to faction members within the Garden of the Gods
    • New Arena Shop mount
    • Balance changes for Vitalism, Swiftblade and more
    In conjunction with this release, between July 30 and August 13 2020 Gamigo are offering discounted Garden of the Gods DLC packages, which Unchained players need to access the previous Garden of the Gods expansion plus this new dungeon content (one time purchase).

    More info in the FAQ here and press release here.
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