Archeage 6th birthday event - Daily events/Giftbox/Jake the Plushie

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    Gamigo have announced additional concurrent events to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Archeage's release.

    1. Daily login rewards

    Between 11 Sept - 16 Sept 2020 at 1 AM UTC (6 PM PDT), all users who log in and stay online for six minutes during the event period can claim a 6th Anniversary Giftbox each day.

    There is a limit of one per account per day, but if you would like to claim it on a different character on the same account, you can switch characters before claiming it.

    *** IMPORTANT *** 6th Anniversary Giftboxes are time limited and must be opened before maintainence on Sept 24 2020 (PDT) when they will disappear.

    Each giftbox contains the following items:


    *Adventurer's Winged Elixir is a time-limited bound labour boost potion, similar to Garden Elixir. Must be used before maintainence on Sept 24 2020.

    2. Daily 6th anniversay quests:

    From maintainence today until 24 Sept at 1 AM UTC (6 PM PDT)* characters of level 30 or higher can visit Mirage Isle and talk to the NPCs at the bottom of the paved area to obtain 6th nniversary daily quests.

    TIP: Grab these quests BEFORE starting any normal daily activities or opening 6th Anniversary giftboxes. Many daily quests such as family dailies, cargo, task jars, spending labour via coin purses, gear synthesis etc, and opening vocation or honour potions will help with completing the anniversary quests below.

    Questgiver npc Dalister
    1. Cheerleading with the Squad = Target one of the giant dancing npcs near the quest givers and type the /flowers emote
    2. Score points! = Gain 2190 honour or vocation points eg, by completing Halcy/CR/GR, daily contracts or opening potions
    3. Daru works hard etc = Use 2190 labour
    4. Hello fishies (untranslated KO/Net cafe event)= Give 6 Gilda Stars to the adjacent quest npc Nalambi (has a ? completion marker, after you first accept the quest).
    Questgiver npc Nalambi
    1. Is sad story, yes? = Complete FoHC raid instance then talk to Hiram Aide at the entrance of FoHC
    2. Is very Challenging yes? = kill Crown Prince Isan in round 20 of Noryette Challenge raid instance
    3. The Flag = travel to the Hoverbloom Rest Area in northwest Ahnimar, take the flag from one of the suspended blooms. TIP: You can use the provided Hoverbloom Collector to gt onto the blooms, but a magihopter with the ability to hover and descend will make this much easier.
    Anniversary quest rewards:

    Completing each quest rewards 6 x time-limited** 6th Anniversary reward tokens that can be turned in at a special Festival Machine near the quest-givers in Mirage. Completing all daily quests = include an achievement and 6th Anniversary Cake hat. List of possible rewards:
    • 6 tokens = 1 x 6th Anniversary Cake decor (a tall, pink meringue-looking cake)
    • 15 tokens = 1 x Rank 6 (900) honour or vocation potion or Radiant Infusion Supply Kit
    • 40 tokens = 1 x Fortune Box or Adventurer's Winged Elixir
    • 140 tokens = 1 x Bound Labour Recharger
    • 180 tokens = 1 x Bound Serendipity Stone
    • Dalister's quests are easy to complete, yielding 24 tokens/day. #1 and #4 can be completed instantly.
    • For #2 Score points!, focus on gaining either honour or vocation - only one is needed to complete the quest.
    • Nalambi's quests yield an additional 18 tokens/day but are a bit harder. Complete at least once if you want the achievement and title. Note FoHC and Noryette Challenge require strong players and some knowledge to complete - see our Guides & Info info thread under Combat, instance and dungeon guides for info.
    Official info here: (We’re Gonna Party Cause It’s Our Anniversary)

    3. Return of Jake the Plushie

    Jake the Plushie returned to your local Hero Hall after today's maintainence until 15 Oct at 1 AM UTC (6 PM PDT)*** with his buff that discounts synthesis costs on various items. Note:
    • Includes story & Hiram gear up to Brilliant, Nory/Soul Guardian accessories, cloaks, costume/undergarments, and pet accessories
    • NO discount on crafted gear, Hiram T4/T5, or Erenor synthesis (except Erenor cloaks).
    More info here (Jake’s Celebration Synthesis Event)

    ** 6th Anniversary quest tokens and exchanger expire with maintainence on October 15th (PDT).
    *** Time converter here (add your local time zone)
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