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    Archeage has posted an article covering the last major patch published on the Korean severs earlier in 2019. (January Update Overview and Patch Notes)

    Featured changes include:
    • East Hiram Mountains expansion
    • T4 (Noble) Hiram gear
    • 'Awoken' Erenor gear (Erenor jewellery and cloaks cannot be Awoken).
    • Increased Ancestral level cap from 34 to 55, plus accelerated xp gain between certain levels
    • Battlepet collection achievement
    No news yet on when we can expect these changes on NA & Europe servers, and as always, we may not get the exact same changes in the same order as Korea.

    [EDIT] Now confirmed - North American and European servers can expect this 'Echoes of Hiram' update 'end of June' 2019.

    Stay tuned!
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