Anyone playing Crossout?

Discussion in 'FPS Mess Hall (Public)' started by Amyame, Jun 22, 2017.

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    Ive been playing this since open beta and i dont think Ive missed a day yet. I havent done that since WOT beta. This is a ton of FTP fun.

    If you havent heard of it, check youtube, its kinda Lego Mad Max :p You build our post apocalypse battle vehicle and take it out for 5-10 v 5-10. like WOT but w a lot less camping.

    If anyone is playing or interested friend "major_issues"
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    Been playing the beta for about a week on so I thought I'd add some thoughts.
    Still quite enjoying the game.
    The lag can sometimes be really annoying. There is talk of adding a local Aussie server sometime in the future.
    We can always hope.

    It is a game that really benefits from coordinated groups and attacks.
    I have been lucky to team up with a heavy weapon vehicle that compliments my build several times.

    Farming enough loot to build the equipment you want can take a while or you can buy coins that make the process much quicker but it isn't necessary.
    As soon as you get the first bit of blue equipment made and sold it gives you coin to continue on.

    Haven't made enough coin to setup a clan so I can checkout that game mode yet but I'm not in any rush to check it out. The rest of the game keeps me involved as much as I want to be at the moment.

    If you decide to have a go add purerehua

    Crossout - Free to Play MMO action game if you are interested in downloading it.

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