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    Anyone willing to help out with some Favor farming ?
    On any Server but Khyber, I have no room to create a favor farmer there
    I have a set pattern or order of quest to reach 100 favor, quick, would make it easy if I had someone to open Elite for me on them.
    If not any elite and your just looking for someone to favor farm for TP, I’m gamed for that too, I wanna get some Adventure packs. And need a lot more TP.
    The Order is like this
    The Cannith Crystal > The Storehouse's Secret > Heyton's Rest > The Collaborator > Bringing the Light > Information is Key > Haverdasher > Walk the Butcher's Path > Durk's Got A Secret > Garrison's Missing Pack > The Kobolds' New Ringleader > The Sunken Sewer
    then it’s rinse and repeat.
    I use a Cleric Hireling for heals & The Build I will be using is this
    [U][B]Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 3.5.1[/B][/U]
    [URL=""]DDO Character Planner Home Page[/URL]
    [B][U]Favorrunner Wiz barb Fig[/U][/B]
    Level 4 Neutral Good Human Male
    (2 Fighter \ 1 Barbarian \ 1 Wizard) 
    Hit Points: 90
    Spell Points: 185 
    BAB: 3\3
    Fortitude: 7
    Reflex: 1
    Will: 1
    [B]                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
    [U](28 Point)[/U]       [U](Level 1)[/U]             [U](Level 4)[/U][/B]
    [COLOR=navy]Strength             17                    19
    Dexterity            13                    13
    Constitution         14                    14
    Intelligence         12                    12
    Wisdom                8                     8
    Charisma              8                     8[/COLOR]
    [B]                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
                     Base Skills         Modified Skills
    [U]Skills[/U]           [U](Level 1)[/U]            [U](Level 4)[/U][/B]
    [COLOR=navy]Balance               2                     4.5
    Bluff                -1                    -1
    Concentration         2                     2
    Diplomacy            -1                    -1
    Disable Device        n/a                   n/a
    Haggle               -1                    -1
    Heal                  0                     1
    Hide                  1                     1
    Intimidate           -1                    -1
    Jump                  3                     5
    Listen               -1                    -1
    Move Silently         1                     1
    Open Lock             n/a                   n/a
    Perform              n/a                   n/a
    Repair                1                     1
    Search                3                     4.5
    Spot                  1                     2.5
    Swim                  3                     4
    Tumble                3                     3
    Use Magic Device     n/a                   n/a
    [B][U]Level 1 (Wizard)[/U][/B]
    [COLOR=dodgerblue]Feat: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy](Selected) Dodge[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dodgerblue]Feat: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy](Wizard Bonus) Mental Toughness[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dodgerblue]Feat: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy](Human Bonus) Toughness[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=limegreen]Spell (1): [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Detect Secret Doors[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=limegreen]Spell (1): [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Feather Fall[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=limegreen]Spell (1): [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Expeditious Retreat[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=limegreen]Spell (1): [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Mage Armor[/COLOR]
    [B][U]Level 2 (Fighter)[/U][/B]
    [COLOR=dodgerblue]Feat: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy](Fighter Bonus) Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons[/COLOR]
    [B][U]Level 3 (Barbarian)[/U][/B]
    [COLOR=dodgerblue]Feat: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy](Selected) Two Handed Fighting[/COLOR]
    [B][U]Level 4 (Fighter)[/U][/B]
    [COLOR=dodgerblue]Feat: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy](Fighter Bonus) Power Attack[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Barbarian Power Attack I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Fighter Armored Agility I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Fighter Critical Accuracy I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Fighter Strategy (Trip) I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Human Improved Recovery I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Human Versatility I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Human Versatility II[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Racial Toughness I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Barbarian Resist Disease I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Barbarian Resist Poison I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Wizard Energy of the Scholar I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Fighter Strength I[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=dimgray]Enhancement: [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]Barbarian Toughness I[/COLOR]
    Remember any server but Khyber

    on a side note, on 3 maybe 4 servers I have a Alt guild started just for this kinda thing, I use the same name as I do on any game for Alt guilds Dark City Runners. it’s just so I am not getting constantly spammed for Guild invites I created it (them)

    and again if you don't have an elite opener that's cool, well create one while doing this ;):D

    this is more for looking for others that may be interested in doing this, with or without help/Assistance, I will be still doing it, I need that TP

    Also I can help others and open elite on those quest, just the character that can do not will not be earning any new favor, so if your looking for an elite opener I can help there too (just with the quest I have listed in this post and any server)
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