An introduction to The Older Gamers flagship corporation in Eve Online: TOGOA

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    Hello gamer!
    If you do not know eve online, you want to first have a look to the game description in internet under
    Given you are already a capsuleer, with more or less experience, here you can read what TOGOA can be for you.
    TOGOA stands for The Oasis Group and is the flagship Corporation in the TOG Alliance. Hence TOGOA is committed to the TOG code of conduct and to all full member toggers.
    As a consequence you will be around mature players. This is something that has its benefits in all kind of games, yet especially critical in Eve Online, where stuff cost you time and effort and thus loses feel really close to how RL loses feel, and trust is a rare currency.

    All toggers, and only full member toggers, are welcome to apply to TOGOA. For security reasons, the full account API access needs to be given to the CEO for a background check. The admission to TOGOA will be granted contingent to the results of the background check. If you know Eve Online this will rather comfort you, if you don’t, may sound a bit odd but you will understand soon. If you have privacy concerns about your Eve account, contact the CEO with your concerns.

    The motto of TOGOA
    Our corporation promotes a sustainable development of pilots in Eve Online. If you learn to earn your money, you will not fear loosing your ships and become a combat pilot one day.

    What does TOGOA offer you
    We are part of TOG alliance and are entitled to enjoy the infrastructure that the alliance offer to its corporations. In addition, we have special conditions when using the infrastructure of other corporations in the alliance.
    You can learn from us but we are not a college. If you aim to learn the game from scratch, you will be in better hands joining Eve University Corp. first.
    Once you are back with us, we will help you find out what you can do and what kind of life you want to experience in eve.
    In TOGOA you are encouraged to make your own stuff. TOGOA has access to a large amount of BPO’s and we have a shared hangar with a large collection of BPC’s that you can use for your own manufacturing.
    In TOGOA you can pursue any and all paths of life; exploration, mining, PvP, ratting, PI, moon mining. If you are an entrepreneur, your ideas are very welcome, and the Corporation will support your career. There are positions of responsibility for those who choose to commit to the Corp.
    We are looking forward to share our game with you

    What can you offer to TOGOA
    By enrolling in TOGOA you will contribute to the assets of the corporation with a 5% tax on your earning in eve. TOGOA keeps a policy of low taxes in the fashion of a liberal finance approach to the game. Infrastructure will be tailored to the resources that the Corporation can harvest with this 5% tax income.
    You are always welcome to organise activities within the Corp and the alliance.
    If you like to commit some time to the Corporation, there are small to large tasks to undergo, and responsibilities to acquire.
    We are looking forward to you.
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