An introduction to The Older Gamers Alliance in Eve Online: TOG Alliance

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    Hello gamer!
    If you do not know eve online, you want to first have a look to the game description in internet under
    Given you are already a capsuleer, with more or less experience, here you can read what The TOG Alliance can mean for you.
    The TOG Alliance is an alliance of corporations that hold to the values of TOG. There are two corporations in the alliance that are intrinsically bound to the alliance, the executor corporation and TOGOA. For those two corporations, full TOG membership is required, but not necessarily for the other corporations. Yet the CEO and at least one director have to be full TOG members to ensure that the TOG values are passed through.
    Upon joining the TOG Alliance, you will be around mature players. This is something that has its benefits in all kind of games, yet especially critical in Eve Online, where stuff cost you time and effort and thus loses feel really close to how RL loses feel, and trust is a rare currency.

    A corporation willing to join TOG alliance and whose CEO and at least one director are willing to join the TOG community can submit an application to the Alliance Leader.
    The application shall include:
    • the mission statement of the corporation and any policies that are enforced at present.
    • the API key of the CEO account.
    • A confirmation that the CEO and at least one director are part of, or willing to join the TOG community.
    The admission to the alliance will be granted contingent to the results of a background check. If you have privacy concerns about your Eve account, contact the Alliance Leader with your concerns.

    The governance model of the TOG Alliance
    The TOG Alliance is governed by an Alliance Leader who is supported by a consultation Boardroom. The Boardroom is made up of all CEO’s and 2IC’s of all corporations that are part of the alliance. The Boardroom members are responsible to bring up issues of policy to the Boardroom forum to be discussed and agreed upon. The Alliance Leader will ratify the consensual resolution and in case of lack of consensus, she/he has the last word.

    The financial model of the TOG Alliance
    The TOG Alliance does not charge fees to its corporation members as of today. Purchase of backbone infrastructure will be however supported by corporations in a voluntary basis.
    The maintenance of the backbone infrastructure is supported by voluntary support of corporations and individuals.

    What does the TOG Alliance offer to your corporation
    The TOG alliance maintains a backbone of strategical infrastructure. Namely, structures with clone bays in those areas where the Alliance has a base.
    Other infrastructure, may be provided by the alliance or not, but it mainly lays upon the shoulders of corporations who will normally provide reasonable fees to other corporations in the alliance.

    What can your corporation offer to the TOG Alliance
    The experience of your corporation and your members is very important to the TOG Alliance.
    The alliance is a place where we all can learn of each other. A place to channel the effort of all our member in activities organised by individual corporations or members. We come form different backgrounds and play styles, some of us are rather industrial power houses, some are combatants, and together we combine our talents for a better game enjoyment.

    The TOG Alliance today
    After the adventure of Oasa and the retrieval to Delve, the TOG Alliance membership had a few losses. The hardships of sovereign space met every corporation in its own manner; some decided to dwell in calmer waters, some went back to the fray.
    The TOG alliance have since then settled in npc null in two regions. The alliance has built up a backbone infrastructure that provides an excellent platform for all kinds of corporations, from mining and PI to PvP, ratting or exploration in null sec.
    The TOG Alliance is now in a great moment to grow in numbers and in activity. We have access to all kind of ores, low tax POCO’s, we are part of a coalition that organizes frequent PvP roams. We have two very different space settings, one near a proficient PvP alliance, for those that what to sharpen their PvP skills, and the other one mostly visited by casual by passers.
    The TOG Alliance is waiting for you to join us and thread our stories together.
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