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    Has anyone used the new Nintendo 2DS?

    I know it looks like a toy for a 4 yo but it has a few features that are actually plus's for me.

    With my Lupus and Raynauds my hands are weaker and not as responsive as they used to be. I drop things...alot so this design may actually be better for me.

    I was just wondering how it feels. I've read alot of reviews that say if feels wierd at first but becomes natural very quickly. Is that true? Would it be natural for someone who's hands are a little clumsy?
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    Good questions. I know that with the 3ds, they have had issues with the screen getting lines scratched into it from the bottom display, because the pads don't keep them separate enough. I don't like the lack of folding, since I like to carry mine around for the streetpass feature. I do like the more sturdy nature of it. I rarely use the 3d feature anyway, so I've been looking at this a bit, but haven't seriously looked at it because of lack of funds, and already have a 3ds.
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    It was designed for children 6 and under so it should be.
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    I have a 2DS and love it. I didn't want to pay the extra $100 for the 3D feature which I knew I would never use. To me, it feels a lot like the old Gameboy Advance which I loved when I was younger. It doesn't feel as flimsy and breakable as the DS Lite did when I got that one. The wedge shape is so comfy in the hand. And all games have to be made to work on the 2DS or on a 3DS with the 3D off so it makes no difference if you don't want to use the 3D.

    TL-DR: I love the 2DS, it's comfy and feels sturdy.

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