Signature and Avatar Guidelines



Signature and Avatar Guidelines

In order to keep the focus on the content of the forums rather than our individual sigs and avatars we ask a couple of things.

Keep them nice, and keep them in size.

Avatars can be up to 100x100px.



Signatures can have a graphic and or text content that fits in a box no more than 500 pixels wide x 100 pixels high.


Two additional lines of text no greater than standard Verada size can be added, oh and we count blank lines.

Also please be aware that not everyone have fast links with unlimited quota, so if you could please keep the file size of your sig web friendly. 100kb is ok, large ones are not.

If you are in doubt about whether your sig is going to get negative attention of the Mod/Admin team then post a question in the Graphics, Design, Sig and Avatar Help forum:

Images of nudity, offensive visuals, and/or text are never acceptable.

Note: Content which does not fit with our guidelines or is deemed to be offensive may be removed without warning and may incur penalties.

Avatars in games and on external sites:

TOG members agree to comply with our policy in regards to nudity and offensive avatars in game or on external sites where the member can be associated with TOG, for example but not limited to, Steam Avatars, or in game avatars or names.

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